Linda Casper

Gingerbread Latte


Rather grandly they referred to it as the chalet, although in reality it was no more than a garden shed. It wasn’t the main reason for choosing this particular house, but it was a major contributing factor.
     She thought that the chalet would be great for overwintering her plants, her husband wanted to commandeer it for a studio where he could paint, her son thought it would be a great space to practise his drums and her daughter had a Wendy House in mind.
     In the event, it became a store for deckchairs, broken vacuum cleaners and suitcases.


About the Author

Linda Casper hails from Yorkshire and, after a long career as a high school teacher; she has recently begun to write and has had many short stories, poems and travel articles published. Linda has a keen interest in gardening and is a judge for Yorkshire in Bloom.

Published 19 February 2015