Stuart Page

Iced Milk Tea


Hiroki is showering. He feels and looks good today after his long workout. 'I’d date me,' he thinks, happily. Hiroki turns off the shower and, avoiding the eyes of the naked men around him, reaches out for his towel. He freezes when he looks at the towel rack, however. He hasn’t brought his own. 'Oh, no.' He swallows. Hoping that nobody’s watching him, Hiroki grabs the nearest towel and hastily dries himself. He returns it. It falls to the floor.

'Is that mine?'

'I don’t speak English!' Hiroki shouts, fleeing. Next week, he tries out a new gym.


About the Author

Stuart Page is an English and Creative Writing graduate. He really enjoys writing 100 word flash fiction pieces.

Published 03 May 2016