We are delighted to announce that the following stories are published in the Best of CafeLit 4 anthology

Butterfly Ballet
Roger Noons

Remembering Trivia
Gill James

Ménage à Trois
Alan Cadman

Sex on the Beach
Janet Bunce

On The Elevator Coming Down
Sarah Barry

Sick Note
Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Stump Road
David Hook

Susan Eames

Daddy’s Girl?
Kate Stuart

Cellar Door
David Hook

Dani Steen

Poseidon’s Wrath
David Hook

Poseidon’s Fury
Angela Haffenden

World Cup 2022: Quatar? You’ve Got To Be Joking
Jessica Madge

 Doubles or Singles
Janet Bunce

James Phillips

Angela Haffenden

Bunraku Doll
Susan May James

A Small White Envelope
David Deanshaw

Rolling Around in the Park
Gill James

Ella’s Holiday
Charlie Britten

My Bedroom Window
Alison Peden

A C Macklin

The Magic Flute
Alison Symes

Blue Bell Wood
Helen Laycock

Well done to all!