We are delighted to announce that the following stories will be published in the next
Best of CafeLit anthology due for release later this year!


Butterfly Ballet
Roger Noons

Remembering Trivia
Gill James

Ménage à Trois
Alan Cadman

Sex on the Beach
Janet Bunce

On The Elevator Coming Down
Sarah Barry

Sick Note
Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Stump Road
David Hook

Susan Eames

Daddy’s Girl?
Kate Stuart

Cellar Door
David Hook

Dani Steen

Poseidon’s Wrath
David Hook

Poseidon’s Fury
Angela Haffenden

World Cup 2022: Quatar? You’ve Got To Be Joking
Jessica Madge

Doubles or Singles
Janet Bunce

James Phillips

Angela Haffenden

Bunraku Doll
Susan May James

A Small White Envelope
David Deanshaw

Rolling Around in the Park
Gill James

Ella’s Holiday
Charlie Britten

My Bedroom Window
Alison Peden

A C Macklin

The Magic Flute
Alison Symes

Blue Bell Wood
Helen Laycock

Well done to all!

Free launch event along with the new Snowflakes Bridge House Anthology,
December 5th, London: details to follow