Lynn Clements

Lynn has now been writing for pleasure for five years.

She particularly enjoys writing flash fiction with a twist or a slant. Some of her stories can be dark but others are just about people struggling with life.

She loves writing poetry and has  a tendency to use a free-flow poetry style. Some of her work can be described as ‘Slam’.

She belongs to three writing groups in Hampshire. Two are in Basingstoke and they are where she has learnt much of her craft. She owes a lot to Writers’ Inc. Ahe also attends a taught writing class at Peter Symonds College Winchester and her  work has appeared several times in The Winchester and Mid Hants Observer.

She  regularly attends The Hampshire Writers’ Society monthly meetings, where she has met and been inspired by other authors including CafeLit’s Allison Symes.


Competition Places/Published Stories

2016 – Basingstoke Arts Festival – 1st place and Cliddesden Poetry Shield with ‘Where is Love’

2016 –Hampshire Writers’ – 1st place with ‘Not That Colour’

2017 –Basingstoke Arts Festival – 2nd place short story and outstanding medal with ‘Jacko’s Story’

2017 –Basingstoke Arts Festival – 2nd Place Poetry with ‘Word Police’

2017 –Basingstoke Arts Festival – 3rd place Sonnet with ‘When spring is lost’

2018 – Hampshire Writers - Highly Commended with ‘Serendipity’

2018 – Hampshire Writers - 2nd place with ‘The Tree Museum’

2018 – Hampshire Writers - 2nd place with ‘Reggie Steggie’s Baby Sister’

2018 -  Cafélit Stories- Ovaltine and Full Bodied Malbec

See Lynn's work here.