Submission Guidelines

What we want:


We’re looking for thought-provoking and entertaining stories, though ones which might be a tad different from what you normally read in a woman’s magazine. They should be the sort of length that would make easy reading whilst you drink a cup of coffee, even if you linger a while, but without you needing to rent-a-table.


So, perhaps, no more than 3000 words. Shorter stories and flash fiction are naturally very welcome.

What happens after we receive your story 


We’ll read your story. If we like it, we’ll let you know and if we don’t like it we’ll let you know - within a month. We aim to publish one a day as far as possible, so we’ll also let you know when we’re going to publish it.


We will work on editing with you.

Author compensation


Each year we’ll publish a volume of “The Best of” which will be sold as a trade book If you are in the volume you will have a share of the profits.


You may advertise yourself in a 50 word bio, including your web site details, if your story is over 1,000 words. If it is shorter, you still may include a link to your website. Both will be displayed at the end of your story. Our editing process will include some work on your bio to maximise its effect.

Copyright issues


By submitting and accepting our editing process you are indicating that you are willing to let CaféLit publish your work.


Copyright remains with you and you are free to publish your story elsewhere. Do check with any other publisher, however, that they are happy that we are also publishing your work. We like to keep your work on our pages for at least 365 days. After that, it will still stay there unless you ask us to remove it. We do ask, however, that you let us display your work for a year.

Something Quirky


Each story will be assigned the name of a drink. Something light and frothy might be a hot chocolate. A dark piece of flash fiction could be an espresso. Something good for the soul would be a mint tea.


You may assign your story a drink. We reserve the right to alter the assignment.

How to submit

Send your submission to

Note the following: 

  • It should be in the body of the email.
  • However, you may like to create it in Word and then copy and paste.
  • Please single space.
  • Make sure all paragraphs except the first are indented.
  • Use single quotes for speech.
  • Please put thoughts in italics.
  • Use a standard font, but you may also use bold and italics.
  • Please put “CafeLit Submission” in the subject line.
  • Assign your story a drink.
  • Finally, don't forget to include your promo bio and/or web site.