Each year the editor selects her favourite stories and these are published in a paperback collection that will be available from Amazon and usual online retailers. The idea is that the stories will showcase the best of both traditional and experimental fiction that is distinctly 'CafeLit.'

We are delighted to announce that the selection for 2015 (as the stories appear) is as follows:


The Fledgling
Tania Sharman

Dead Quiet
Alan Cadman

Fatal Flaws
Jenny Palmer

Filling the Space
Helen Laycock

Hot Chocolate Day
Vanessa Horn

Slippery Slope
Penny Rogers

Neil Campbell

Paul Westgate

Mary Bevan

Shark Bait
Susan A Eames

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Head Banging
Sue Cross

Roger Noons

New Term
Gill James

Never Again
Janet Bunce

Monday Morning
Roger Noons

Josie the Spy
David Deanshaw

Web-based Artist
Mike Olley

Dialling 999
Vicky Jacobson

For the Love of Harley
Eleanor Patrick

Sex and Sock and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Susan A Eames

Scarf Girl
Penny Rogers

Roger Noons

Wake Up Call
Linda Flynn

Susan A. Eames

An Alternative Nativity
Laura Van Weegen

The Chimes at Midnight
Paula R C Readman

Christmas on the High Street
Dawn Knox

Telling the Time
Allison Symes

Night Shift
B. Lieve

On Repeat
James Phillips

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