Published in February were:

Jim Bates, Liz Cox, Barry Garrelick, Steve Gerson, Eric Green,  Lisa Halpern, Rachel Hawes, Gill James, Leonie Jarrett, Dawn Knox, Olaf Laamanen, Farriz Mashudi, Rob Molan, Linda Morse,  Paula R C Readman, Giovanni Ruffini, Judith Skilleter, Jane Spirit, Dianne Stadhams, Sarah Swatridge,  Allison Symes, Frank Zahn and S. Nadja Zajdman,

Top performing posts in February  were:

‘Okay, so I’m sentimental about certain things, giving them a deeper meaning. But, over the years, my feelings for such things have changed,...

The morning sun filtered through half-closed venetian blinds in Mark’s furnished one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, illuminating the di...

Rosie hesitated at the door of her grandmother’s little home on the Deep Woods Estate. She wanted to capture her arrival there for her man...

‘Are you sure this is legal, Gladys?’

‘Legal? Don’t be ridiculous, Elsie. This is my garden. I’m allowed to stroll about in it if I like...

·   Too Close by Elise Glassman, pisco sour 66  

How had they ended up in this strange little town?
    Well, their friends had raved about it. A must-see, they insisted, with glorious mineral springs and an adorable brewery. She’d been doubtful.


Total hits in March were 81,735.  Considerably down on February but nevertheless impressive.  At the time of writing, 1 April 2024, we already have 4529.  Looking good.     


The Creative Café Project 

I’ve added two cafés this month.  The Mainstreet Trading Company  operates on the Scottish borders and organizes book events and live music. Coast Cafe Worthing is primarily a live music venue and also offers venue hire.