Published in May were:

Louise Arnott, Jim Bates, Lynn Clement, Cate Covert, Kate Durrant, Shanta Everington, Janet Howson, Clare Jaggard, Gill James, Leonie Jarrett, Amanda Jones, Dawn Knox, Mike Lee, Peter Lingard, Gregory Meece, Ashia Mirza, Rob Molan, Mari Phillips, Penny Rogers, Judith Skilleter and  Susan Smith.      

Top performing posts in May were:

· Cyril’s Story by Dawn Knox, lashings of lemonade 111

 ‘Who’d win in a fight between a T. rex and Bigfoot, Roger?’ asked Cyril.

‘Have we got a T. rex or a Bigfoot?’ Roger asked.

‘No. But I like to think ahead. When we’ve got them, who d’you think would win?’

‘Dunno. Who do you think?’ asked Roger.

‘Well, I think if the T. rex managed to—’

It was the night he collected the snails and slugs in a green plastic bucket and took them to the woods that he noticed me. ‘Hello, is som...

 My name is Timidity, and my master, Fear — he’s...

·  The Island by Gill James, motorway service station tea 94  

  "This do for lunch?" 


I'm stiff. I've sat still for mile after dreary mile. There is a suggested walk at the motorway service station.

"Shall we try it?" I say after we've eaten.  

He shrugs.

"We're doing well for time. I'd like to enjoy some fresh air."

              ‘Turtles, Myrna.’ Vince doesn’t need to clarify. His wife always says she can read his mind.            

‘In the freezer Vin...


Total hits in April were 60, 997, considerably up on April. Quite impressive.  At the time of writing, 3 June 2024, we have 2091.  So, keep on sharing.       


The Creative Café Project 

I’ve added one café this month:  Paperback Coffee and Tea

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