The votes are in for The Best of CafeLit 13, and here is our list:

Many thanks to all of the writers who voted. I’ll also be posting this list on our social media platforms shortly and I shall be in touch with the authors soon. I’ve already started putting the book together and it has been such a great pleasure to do this.   


Cupid’s Black Magic Paula R C Readman 

Honour Among Thieves Robin Wrigley

Lost James Bates 

Our Day at the Ocean Maxine Flam  

The Street Café Lynn Clement  

The Wrong Side of the Cake  Hannah Retallick 


A New Dawn  Linda Flynn 

Aamryllis  Jim Bates 

Cinnamon Comforts Allison Symes 


Death Duties Linda Flynn 

Birds feet on the Roof  Jane Spirit

Trash Day  Phillip Temples  

Two Mugs on the Kitchen Table Jenny Edgerley 

“Daddy Kaye”  S. Nadja Zajdman 


A Familiar Face  Jane Spirit

If the Queen Had Come to Tea Hannah Retallick 

Never on a Sunday Lynn Clement

Ping Ping Hannah Retallick 

Time Amita Basu 

Untaken Allison Symes


A Gradual Release Tony Domaille

First Kiss Dawn DeBraal

Goal Post Jim Bates 

On the Ferris Wheel Kathrin Spinnler

Back Pain Henry Lewi

The Imaginary Librarian P A Farrell   

It Came Down Hard  Hannah Retallick 


Apple Pip  Hannah Retallick

The End of the Beginning S. Nadja Zajdman 

Susan and the Stage Beetles Penny Rogers 

The Visitors 2 Jenny Palmer

Wildlife Tony Domaille 

Trial and Error  P.A. Westgate 


Ants Jim Bates 

Finders keepers Logan Markko 

Hypnagogia Penny Rogers   

Let the Good Times Roll  S. Nadja Zajdman 

My First Holiday  Eamon O’Leary

The Post Box Topper Animal Extravaganza Dawn Knox 


dashed Hannah Retallick 

The Letter  Eamon O’Leary 

Sweet Dreams Allison Symes 


Dead Fish  Sally Zigmond  

Swan Lake June Webber


Birthday Balloons Leonie Jarrett

Notes on Yellow Paper Gill James  

The Flat Below Jane Spirit  

The Last Night  Penny Rogers  

Undercurrents Sam Hendley  

The Post Box Topper for Remembrance Dawn Knox 

About the Books Bonita LeFlore


Dancing in the Dark  Paula R C Readman 

Looking Ove the Edge Penny Rogers  

Tick Tick Jacki Donellan 

We never saw Them Coming Maxine Flam

Snap Decision  Sally Zigmond


Christmas Crumbs  Mari Phillips 

Ray is a Good Man Judith Skilleter

The Christmas Alchemist Lynn Clement

The Wisdom of Ancient One Paula R C Readman



Published in January were:

Michael Barrington, Jim Bates, Priscilla Bettis, Gio Clairval, Maxine Flam, Michael E.C. Gery, Sarah Das Gupta, Gill James, Andy P. Larter, Fran Levin, Peter Lingard, Glenis Ann Moore, Rob Molan, Kiyasu Oka, Lorraine Parrish, L.F. Roth, David Rudd, Judith Skilleter, Dianne Stadhams, David Summerfield, Sarah Swatridge, Allison Symes, June Webber, Robin Wrigley, Frank Zahn, S. Nadja Zajdman and Sally Zigmond.

Top performing posts in January  were:

After the Fire by Priscilla Bettis, Redemption Road Coffee - rejoice in their light roast, but slip slowly so you don’t get burned. 326

Singles on the Prowl by Frank Zahn, a glass of white wine 133

A Warning to the Murderous by Glenis Ann Moore, Corpse Reviver 123

Brooding Hills, by David Summerfield, espresso 65

Stonehenge: A quick visit by Michael Barrington , a gin and tonic tall  59

Total hits in January were 29228, about 7000 down on December, but still a very respectable number.  At the time of writing, February was already at 9056.


The Creative Café Project 

I’ve added two cafés this month.  One is very close to where I live and is quite a live music venue: Night and Day Cafe, Manchester and the other is really a cultural centre with café attached: The Flavel, Dartmouth