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Michael Barrington, Jim Bates, Neil Campbell, Tony Domaille,  Kate Durrant, Maxine Flam, Linda Flynn, Gill James, Dawn Knox, Linda Laurie, Mike Lee, Fleur Lind, Pam Line, Eamon O’ Leary, Peter Lingard, Andrea Marcusa, Rob Molan, Jenny Palmer, Mari Phillips, John Saunders, Judith Skilleter, Jane Spirit and P A Westgate,

Top performing posts in February  were:

  How many times did Kate have to tell Mark that she’d ended up on the wrong track in life? That was the way she had put it to him in any ca...

‘We always have a good craic when you come over, Terry.’   I finish my tea and wipe my mouth with a tissue.   ‘I’ve never known anyone...

It is well over fifty years since Angus and Rose enjoyed their wedding day. It was the swinging sixties, Rose wore a mini-skirt which horrif...

Home alone I hear a funny noise and my cockatiel, Leo, fluffs her yellow feathers, pecks at her tail, hops on my finger and says, “No one’s going to break into the house because criminals don’t like Northeasters and it’s raining cats and dogs.”

According to Leo, there’s no way there would be time to tie my bedsheets together during a housefire so I should save up my allowance and buy a 20-ft rope ladder from Amazon.

Total hits in April were 45,243 .  Considerably down on March but nevertheless impressive.  At the time of writing, 7 May 2024, we already have 1644.  Looking good.     


The Creative Café Project 

I’ve added one café this month:  The Garden Museum , a very pleasant space in London, attached to a museum, bringing much of a museum’s culture.