We’re offering to publish single author collections of short stories by authors we know. If you’re in either one of the Bridge House or Best of CaféLit anthologies we know you and your work and we’d be pleased to look at a whole collection. There is an underlying assumption here that we will be prepared to publish so send all of your work in a Word document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We’re looking for collections of between 30,000 and 60,000 words. If you have 70,000 or above it might be worth splitting it into two volumes. Ideally stories are between 1,000 and 6,000 words each but the overall word count is more important.

If you are a CaféLit author and your stories are under 1,000 words, you might consider submitting to Chapeltown Flash Fiction collections instead. We are always open to CaféLit authors even if submission is closed to the general public. Find guidelines here.

Author compensation

We work on a 50% profit share for this and we publish books as a paperback and as an e-book (Kindle). This probably works out better that the 7.5% royalty of net price we pay on Bridge House anthologies. You’re unlikely to get rich quick but because of the financial model we operate we’re also unlikely to go bankrupt so we can keep your book in print forever. We offer four years as a starter and this renews automatically unless you ask for us to take it out of print. You may republish any of the stories anywhere after one year.

The 50% profit share kicks in after these costs have been paid:

Set up


Proof copy




British Library


Legal deposit







The set-up, proof copy, British Library and Legal Deposit are one-off payments. The British Library and Legal deposit cost will vary from title to title. The distribution costs and IPG(our professional body) are annual. The distribution costs are the same each year though could go up. The IPG cost is shared between all books and should go up and down as books go out of print and new titles are added. However it has never gone up, only down. It normally takes 100 sales to clear these costs. Occasionally there are a few extra costs such as if you ask us to produce postcards or posters.

In addition authors may purchase at 25% discount any titles of any of the imprints. We also waive shipping costs if you purchase five or more though they must be within one imprint – Bridge House (includes The Red Telephone and Renascia) or Chapeltown (includes CaféLit).

For very proactive authors who organise their own book tours we also offer an author kit.