I am a professional writer, usually spending eight hours a day either writing or doing research. My favorite genres are historical fiction. My memoir, the Bishop Wears No Drawers covers ten years of my life as a catholic missionary priest in Nigeria, three of them during the civil war when I was stood up to be shot. Obviously, I survived! While there, I was the editor of the Northern Star, a local newspaper. With Rotary International I have visited and worked in more than forty countries and speak six languages. I have drawn much of my inspiration for my characters from my travels.

I was born in Manchester, my mother from Ancoats and my father from Bradford. After my early education I spent all of my teen years in a boarding school in the Lake District, not your Harry Potter fun place, but it was where I first knew I could and would write. I spent four years lecturing at the University of Puerto Rico before landing in California where I taught at the University of San Francisco.

 I have written eleven books and more than fifty short stories: Let the Peacock Sing, Becoming Anya, The Baron of Bengal Street, The Ethiopian Affair, No Room for Heroes, and Magic at Stonehenge. My latest novel, Passage to Murder, I wrote as team leader with seven other authors. I am currently challenging myself to write a literary novel consisting of five separate and parallel stories, joined by a single thread. I am vice president of the California Writers Club, Mt Diablo Branch write a column for a local newspaper, and also for a monthly magazine. Early on in my career, I wrote numerous academic articles in both French and Spanish.

I am married to a beautiful French woman, a painter who designs and produces the covers for most of my books. We live near San Francisco. I blog on my website.


My short stories and articles have appeared in:

Authors Publish, Academy of Hearts & Mind, The Big Issue, Alive East Bay, Trampas Topics, The Write News, The Concordian, The Diablo Gazette, Ekphrasis Lafayette, California Writers Club News, CafeLit, JBV Group, The Valley Sunrise,  Bookgoodies/Blog, GeorgeCramer/Blog,


Website: www.mbwriter.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.Barrington733

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